Team NOVA Is

maximising time

“My top goal each day is to maximise my time and be as effective as possible. Every day something different comes in and we have to be able to adapt to that.”

Construction has been embedded in Tyler’s blood, doing odds and end within his father’s glazing business and family projects in the back yard.

He went into marketing for about 9 years, and now returning to construction, he contributes to promotional and marketing endeavours for NOVA US. He manages in the field and estimates in the office,.

Tyler doesn’t prefer any one facet more than the other. “They’re different hats and all those different mindsets help me get better at the other.”

“Be professional, but also easy to get along with… that’s functional.”


More than just drywall

Tyler loves Surfing and wants to spend more time snowboarding, drawing and playing guitar. Basically he likes to maximise creativity and mentally stimulating activities.

“I believe being at peace with myself, staying happy & confident in who I am is a top priority. Taking care of myself physically and mentally trickles into my work and family life, if I take care of myself then everything else will work out.

We try to do right by our customers and relationships are important to us, I think our customers would say good things about us behind closed doors.”

At NOVA you’re going to get a hands on approach, nothing’s going to get disconnected