Team NOVA Is

Managing Change on a Large Scale

  • Tom Albert
  • Estimator / Project Coordinator
  • Phone: 778-941-6394 (ext 115)

Tom started in construction when he was 15 years old and started moving the ladder immediately. He spent 12 years as a project supervisor before starting at Nova where he is constantly reviewing projects for change orders and extras.

Tom’s day beings with morning meeting with the other estimators, project managers and field staff to address concerns such as site instructions or anything that may change Nova’s scope of work in the contract. Tom assesses the impact these changes will have on the overall project and determines a fair resolution with the customer.

NOVA is all about teamwork and family


More than just drywall

Tom thrives on his wife, kids and family values… He appreciates hard work but also thinks it’s important to bring a sense of humour to the job.

For the first time in my life, I can truly say… I love my job