Team NOVA Is

continued growth & profitability

Steve has a strong family bond with his wife, three kids, several grandchildren & two dogs. Like a family, he believes construction is a people business…

“We’re here for one life, and having strong relationships is important.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by a great team, there’s a lot of depth, and we truly enjoy working together – we have a lot of laughs. We share in the moments good or bad, that’s why we chose an open concept office, were very collaborative.”

“it’s about integrity – tell it like it is… good news or bad – we’ll work it out.”


More than just drywall

Steve came from a construction family and started as a carpenter. “One of the best jobs I ever had was as a superintendent – those were the good old days because I was in the field every day.”

Today Steve’e responsibility is for the continued growth & profitability of Nova in the US.

“I like to think our primary core value is safety, and the family component ties into that. Beyond that it’s about trust and integrity… When we work with clients who feel the same way – we’re in a good spot.

It’s hard to place any one core value at the top, but when they all come together – that’s what NOVA is.”

If there is a problem or challenge – face it head on.