Team NOVA Is

Implementing New Systems while Sustaining Growth

  • Pierre Barns
  • Project Manager/Estimator
  • Phone: 778-941-6394 (ext 116)

Pierre has experience in construction since he was 24 years old as a framer and drywaller, he has been estimating since 2010.

His days can be a lot of time in front of the computer estimating, but that’s not all… he fields a lot of calls from customers and employees, helping them throughout the job from beginning to end. Sharing real costs and helpful information so every site can be more successful.

Witnessing and encouraging progress


More than just drywall

Pierre likes witnessing and encouraging progress, he doesn’t like staying still or getting bored, so he is always looking to implement new systems while sustaining growth.

Nova is driven by growth that’s what I like most about this company