Team NOVA Is

Keeping the team efficient & safe

Peter grew up in the trade and enjoyed spending the weekends helping his dad as a carpenter.

At NOVA, he prefers to spend most of his time on the field rather than the office. He likes walking the field, speaking with field supervisors and management to better ensure the schedule is on pace for on time completion.

It’s important to be on the same page with our customers that’s my focus


More than just drywall

Peters’ family are all Carpenters so he grew up in the trade and entered the workforce immediately after high school… construction is in his blood.

Peter started with NOVA in 2014 as a Carpenter Taper and in 2016 moved to the office beginning his career as a Project Manager. His day to day is working change orders, making sure everything is up to date, and solving problems within the job.

we all support each other & everyone feels like they’re someone