Team NOVA Is

Putting the customer first

As one of the important estimators at NOVA, Manjinder usually starts his day with “Quantity Take Off” Which has him quantifying and estimating materials from 20-30 drawings per year!

Manjinder thinks of his position as “Value Engineering” Meaning after his investigations he can communicate how the client can get the most value from NOVA’s service. Not necessarily just cost savings but rather shifting where the money is spent, modifying designs or implementing innovative products… sticking to the budget but with a better result.

I feel like I’ve done something important at the end of every day.


More than just drywall

Manjinder has been in the drywall industry since he finished high school, starting as a taper for 5 years and then securing a diploma for “Design and Drafting” He believes a balanced life is important to everyone, and when not at work he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

We don’t see an end to where we’re going.