Team NOVA Is

Taking pride in hard work and relationships

  • Leo Eeftink
  • General Manager – Valley West Insulation

Leo has been working in the Insulation trade for over 40 years; he truly loves what he does. You will find Leo working alongside with his crew to get the jobs done. He is a simple guy who likes keeping his team busy.

“That’s what I appreciate about working for Nova Drywall, Daniel keeps everyone moving forward.”

Be healthy at work & spend time with family


More than just drywall

Leo started in 1979 and has been installing insulation his whole working life. Leo maintains a hands on approach to his team’s work and takes pride in his veteran crew that has been together for more than 20 years. Together they have a daily goal to finish a floor every day, and not much gets in their way.

“If something does get in our way or isn’t quite ready to go we’re not going home or complaining… we’ll clean it up or move it so we can keep going, but always in a respectful way. We’re working WITH people – not against, so we just talk to them and do whatever we can to accommodate the work without getting in their way”

We know what we have to do. We get in. We get out. Simple.