Team NOVA Is

Keeping everyone safe

  • Jules Russell
  • Construction Safety Officer (CSO)
  • Phone: 778-941-6394 (ext 118)

As Construction Safety Officer, Jules’ job title is somewhat self-explanatory. If you are looking for Jules you will find him at a few different job sites every day inspecting the project for safety concerns, training and orientating employees and making sure work is performed safely. Jules takes the lead on promoting a culture of safety throughout the company from the executive level to the casual labourer.

My job is to ensure safety is a top priority.


More than just drywall

Jules joined the construction industry in 2015 but has been involved with safety his entire career.  When not at work Jules is committed to keeping himself safe in a very different way… he has his Golden Gloves in Boxing, Black Belt in Judo, and First Degree Black Belt in Jujitsu.

It’s probably best to stay on Jules’ good side