Team NOVA Is


  • Dave Rudolph
  • Project Coordinator
  • Phone: 778-941-6394 (ext 105)

Dave spends his days working in the office with our Project Managers making sure they are organized so they have what they need to support their job sites. He is a key member to our team with helping carry the workload in the office.

“I feel a Project Coordinator’s primary concern is to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.”

I like helping people… the less you have to worry about, the better I’m doing.


More than just drywall

Dave started right out of high school with his brother in drywall as a labourer, worked his way up to framing, boarding and taping. He’s since collected 2 decades of practical experience in the field including running his own renovation company.

Dave welcomes his transition into Nova’s office and learning large scale project coordination but still loves construction… so even with his busy schedule he continues to take jobs in the evenings and on weekends, just for fun.

The drywall finishing is very important in this industry, that’s what everyone sees as the final product.