Team NOVA Is

Keeping the team efficient & safe

Carlos interacts with the General Contractors & builds relationships by making sure they are happy with how NOVA is taking care of them.

Efficiency, safety, communication, and respect, are top priorities.

He believes working with great people in a good environment translates to the NOVA product… because the team enjoys coming to work.

Maintaining momentum and safety


More than just drywall

Carlos started in the field as a builder with his tools on in the late 90’s, he’s done all kinds of commercial work and has been in the union for over 24 years. He has built Schools, Hospitals, Towers, Casinos, and the list goes on.

He has made his way up to General Superintendent, and likes his new position with the added responsibility it brings.

When he isn’t working he’s spending time with his family, which includes three girls 23, 20, &13… He jokes that sometimes they are more of a challenge then the job!

we all support each other & everyone feels like they’re someone